Photos of Sadist at The Nines on August 9, 2017

Below are photos taken by various attendees of Boston’s SADIST at the Nines last Wednesday, August 9,  2017. This was a show Wardance booked in June and the Nines ended up being a great venue for it.

STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES, the long-running power electronics/death industrial act, opened. DJ DECONTROL (Austen of SLIMY MEMBER) — who actually cofounded Wardance with me, Oliver, as a weekly DJ night in 2012 — played a lot of uptempo hardcore on vinyl between bands. Dallas hardcore punk band OBSTRUCTION, who are about to embark on a tour of Japan and Korea, also opened. For posterity’s sake here is a link to the Facebook event page of this show. There’s a video of Obstruction’s full set there.

Vera Velma Hernandez took this photo of Ghost of Sadist playing a saw:

The rest of these photos were taken by Gray Muncy. For full, high-res versions check out his Flickr page at


Here are a few of the posters I made for the show:

The Facebook event page for this event is here.

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