SADIST, Obstruction, and Steel Hook Prostheses at The Nines on Aug 9th

Wardance is proud to bring Boston’s SADIST to Dallas on Wednesday, August 9th at The Nines. Joining will be the blistering hardcore punk of OBSTRUCTION and the long-running power electronics/noise of STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES. DJ Decontrol, who was a cofounder of Wardance and plays in Slimy Member, and also does the monthly Mutant Rock night at Single Wide (it’s Austen), will spin between acts.

Here’s a photo of a poster I made for the show. Click the photo to be taken to the Facebook event page for the show. (Or click HERE.)

New piece on Bandcamp about Cemetery, Slimy Member, Part 1, and other dark punk acts

I (Oliver) wrote this piece for Bandcamp about the current dark punk and deathrock revival. Of course, when I started Wardance Dallas in Summer 2012, part of the goal was to play some of these current acts, and to tie them into the broader history of postpunk, deathrock, punk, and goth (instead of just focusing on “old school” and nostalgia music). These are some of the better groups in this ongoing movement and how they came to be: